Classes Offered

Mommy and MeMommy & Me (ages 18 months–2 year olds)

This is a great 45-minute class for you and your toddler to learn to develop basic motor skills, social skills, take turns, following simple directions, stimulate imagination and develop a sense of musicality. It includes nursery rhymes, instructional songs, fun with props, and ends with an exciting obstacle course.

Creative MovementCreative Movement (ages 2 and ½–4 years old)

This is a 45-minute first introduction to dance class that inspires creativity, imagination and social skills. Beginner ballet steps, stretches, ways of travel across the floor and creative play are included. Students learn how to take your turn, interact with other dancers, count music and have fun expressing yourself.

Ballet/TapBallet/Tap Combo Classes (ages 4–7)

This is an hour-long class that focuses on a half hour of ballet and a half hour of tap class. Beginner ballet positions, steps, stretches and ways of traveling are all being developed. Tap focuses on musicality, rhythm, learning directions left and right and means of traveling and counting music. This is still a very fun and imaginative age with a focus on teamwork, social skills and performance qualities like expressing oneself through dance!

Hip Hop/JazzJazz/Hip Hop Combo Classes (ages 5–7)

This is an hour-long class that focuses on a half hour of jazz and a half hour of hip hop. Lots of fun, energy and upbeat music are featured in this class. Basic jazz movements, stretches, traveling and technique are explored. Hip Hop focuses on self expression, learning sets of movement and building stamina. This is a great class for energetic students looking for an outlet to express themselves!

BalletBallet (ages 8 and up)

This is an hour-long class focusing on ballet technique, discipline and performance quality. Great for flexibility, turn out and posture, this class is the foundational technique for dancers who want to improve in all dance genres. Learning control, grace, strength, flexibility, stage presence and musicality is all foundational in this genre of dance.

ModernModern (ages 8 and up)

This is an hour-long class that takes dancers outside of the box while still building core strength, power and flexibility. Working on various planes, levels and shapes we explore alternate ways of moving. This class deals in more abstract concepts, emotional realms and different ways of moving and connecting through partnering with fellow dancers. Trust, creativity and self expression are a focus in this class.

TapTap (ages 8 and up)

This is an hour-long class that focuses on rhythm, musicality and timing. It’s like playing an instrument with your feet! There is a focus on proper tap technique, different ways of counting music, traveling and expressing oneself in an entertaining way.

JazzJazz (ages 8 and up)

This is an hour-long class that explores traditional Broadway styles to more contemporary commercial jazz movement. The movement is fun, sassy, fast and entertaining. Learn the basic jazz steps and techniques as well as the jumps, turns, and tricks. Find your personality and stage presence in this class.

Hip HopHip Hop (ages 8 and up)

This is an hour-long class that takes fun upbeat cultural street movements to the stage! Learn to isolate your body, move sharp, fluid, fast then slow in a way that is sure to be exciting. Floor work, energy, stamina, creativity and attitude are all developed in this class.

LyricalLyrical (ages 8 and up)

This is an hour-long class that explores emotional dancing that tells a story. It is a combination of ballet and jazz movements that creates fluid graceful dancing, usually to a ballad. Self expression and story telling through movement are explored in this genre.

AcroAcro (ages 4 and up)

This is an hour-long class that focuses on tumbling, flexibility and contortions. A great class to stretch and strengthen the body! Tumbling acrobatic movements across the floor combined with basic dance movements. It’s a great class for learning tumbling tricks to be used in dance!

PointePointe (ages 12 and up)

This is an hour-long class that takes ballet skills to the next level. A class to hone the ballet technique while building strength and flexibility of the feet and legs and proper alignment of the body and arms. Dancers must be enrolled in ballet class as well as be approved by the teacher for safety.

ZumbaZumba (Adults)

This is an hour-long dance/cardio fitness class. Classes combine salsa, meringue, cumbia, reggaeton, hip hop and other international music styles. The emphasis is on fun and fitness; you don’t even need to know how to dance! Come follow the instructors lead, work to whatever level you choose, laugh, make friends and enjoy a comfortable class environment.